Courting with Chinese cooking – C Date

It's Chinese New Year on Saturday so the supermarket down our road currently has masses of lucky, waving cats and Chinese cooking ingredients on sale. Last week, I spotted fortune cookies on offer so on Monday when it came to deciding what we wanted to do for our 'C' date I was set on cooking Chinese food and … Continue reading Courting with Chinese cooking – C Date

Parmesan crusted chicken nuggets 

Not sure what to cook for tea today? Got chicken, bread and eggs? Then, these babies are for you! After a friend's little girl requested chicken nuggets for her tea I couldn't stop thinking about them. Many of you who know me well will know that I have a bit of an addiction to chicken nuggets. … Continue reading Parmesan crusted chicken nuggets 

Coconut butter and raspberry flapjacks

I spend quite a lot of time cooking, baking and trying to create new recipes and I have absolutely loved being able to try and create exciting finger food options for the little guy. Now, I'll tell you right away that I would be rubbish on Great British Bake Off because I don't like baking … Continue reading Coconut butter and raspberry flapjacks